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Disaronno Wears Diesel


Amigdala created a captivating branded experience for the "Disaronno Wears Diesel" launch event. Through an immersive installation with a mirrored corridor and interactive video floor, guests enjoyed a memorable moment while showcasing the personalized Disaronno bottle designed by Diesel. The experience culminated in a professional photoshoot.

The Immersive Experience

Amigdala designed a mesmerizing corridor made of mirrors, creating an illusion of infinite space. As guests walked through the corridor, they were enveloped in reflections, enhancing the visual impact of the collaboration between Disaronno and Diesel. The mirrors symbolized the fusion of fashion and mixology, reflecting the style and essence of the partnership.

Interactive Video Floor:At the end of the mirrored corridor, Amigdala incorporated an interactive video floor. This floor displayed captivating visuals and patterns, responding to the movements and footsteps of the guests. The interactive element added an engaging and dynamic dimension to the experience, immersing participants in an ever-changing visual spectacle that echoed the creativity and vibrancy of both brands.

Branded Photo Opportunity:As guests reached the end of the installation, they were greeted by a professional photographer ready to capture their unique moments. Positioned within the immersive environment, the photographer captured stylish and personalized photographs of each guest, reflecting the fusion of Disaronno and Diesel aesthetics. The branded backdrop and lighting ensured that each photo aligned with the overall theme and essence of the collaboration.

Social Media Integration

To extend the reach of the event beyond its physical presence, guests were encouraged to share their branded photos on their social media platforms, using event-specific hashtags and tags to amplify the visibility of the collaboration. This digital component helped generate online buzz and engagement, further strengthening the impact of the event and expanding the reach of the Disaronno x Diesel collaboration.

Amigdala's immersive installation for the "Disaronno Wears Diesel" launch event successfully created a branded opportunity for guests to engage with the collaboration in a visually stunning and interactive manner.

The mirrored corridor, interactive video floor, and professional photoshoot allowed guests to immerse themselves in the world of Disaronno and Diesel, leaving them with a memorable experience.

Through the seamless integration of design, technology, and branding, Amigdala effectively showcased the partnership's style and sophistication while capturing and amplifying the essence of the collaboration across various platforms.

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