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Beyond Viral


A workshop designed for IF! Festival to inspire the creative community on interactive experieces

Designing Innovative And Effective Digital Physical Experiences

Starting from the analysis of the flow model of the experience of innovative design solutions, those solutions that are mostly interactive will be presented, which create a link between the vast world of new technologies and attest to the essential role of design in the context of experience and new communication and business strategies. Alongside theoretical insights, with targeted project activities, participants will be asked to develop short works and try out some exercises aimed at developing specific skills on how to design interactive products and services, using basic and advanced technological solutions, both software and hardware, both software and hardware . A selected spectrum of tools and "best practices" will be presented to allow participants to better represent "concept scenarios", user interfaces and flows through different techniques and digital physical prototyping methods. The workshop aims to provide participants with methods and tools for research and design of interactive systems. It also aims to inform participants of the latest technological innovations, how they are used within projects and what experiential models are. Paper models will be used to facilitate the sharing and development of creative ideas.

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Partners involved
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