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"3 Body Problem": A WhatsApp Bot for the Netflix Launch Campaign


Engaging Audiences with Innovative Technology: The "3 Body Problem" Launch Campaign

Project Overview

For the Italian launch of the new Netflix series "3 Body Problem," Amigdala collaborated with the creative agency DUDE to provide cutting-edge tech-digital support. Our primary contribution was to find the best technology and develop an innovative multimedia WhatsApp Bot, designed to engage and entertain users as part of a larger national advertising campaign.

Campaign Highlights 

The centerpiece of the campaign, “Siete Insetti” (You Are Insects), was a bold and immersive takeover of Rome's Termini Station. The iconic train schedule board was replaced with the show's belligerent warning from the aliens to the human species, capturing widespread media attention across Italy.

The WhatsApp Bot Experience 

The WhatsApp Bot was crafted with the creative team to mirror the show's themes in a witty and engaging manner. It served as a "Moral Support" assistant, helping users navigate the complex concepts of the "3 Body Problem” series.

The bot's functionalities included interactive question and answer sessions, posing and answering questions related to the series, thereby enhancing user understanding and engagement. It also shared video responses featuring humorous and sometimes irreverent messages from three key talents involved in the campaign: Stefano Rapone, Chiara Valerio, and Roberto Giacobbo. These personalities provided a mix of entertaining and thought-provoking responses, addressing existential queries sparked by the show's intricate plotlines.

Integration and Reach 

The WhatsApp Bot was seamlessly integrated with Netflix Italy's Facebook page, receiving the green tick badge and ensuring maximum reach and engagement. This integration was supported by Netflix's international team, highlighting the global coordination and effort behind the campaign.


The "3 Body Problem" launch campaign, bolstered by the WhatsApp Bot, successfully captivated audiences and media alike. It not only promoted the series but also created an interactive and memorable and fun experience for users, reflecting Amigdala's commitment to pioneering digital solutions for creative and innovative ideas.

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