In a historical moment in which human intelligence discovers artificial intelligence,, has decided to create an interactive installation to put people in touch, all of them, with a computer able to guide them in an exploratory experience of man-machine relationship, based on human emotions and on screen-less interfaces.

As in each relationship you can decide whether or not to show your emotions and how much to allow yourself to interact with the other. As we all know, in a first meeting, the word has a much lower weight compared to body and face language, which is why we decided to give LIMB.0 a personalized voice but to concentrate on interacting on the recognition of emotions thanks to face analysis. LIMB.0 today is able to recognize gender, age range and identify 40 emotions thanks to the MorphCast SDK technology and then transform them into colors and sound in real time to return an immersive, personalized environment.

With these experiments we have a single goal, creating an opportunity for a meeting between human intelligence and artificial intelligence and to explore a brief relationship to make the public reflect on this issue. Any errors and inaccuracies, as well as the possible non-correspondence of the colors with respect to personal expectations are part of the experiment, part of the reflection that each guest will be able to make thanks to the experience of interaction with LIMB.0

Next Exhibitions

LIMB.04 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 of October - At AIXA MiCo Fiera Milano (ITA)
Artificial Intelligence/Expo of Applications è il forum dedicato alle applicazioni pratiche dell'Intelligenza Artificiale. Uno spazio dedicato all'Innovazione nella progettazione, nella produzione e distribuzione, dove l'AI è da tempo integrata ed evolve a ritmi sempre più sostenuti.


Past Exhibitions

LIMB.03 - 10 + 11 + 12 of October - At Digital Design Days, Superstudio Group Milano (ITA)

LIMB.03 - 28th of September - At TEDx Lugano, Palazzo dei congressi Lugano (CH)

LIMB.03 - 17-18-19 July at Sonar +D Barcelona

Your Love Energy (Branded) - 8th + 9th of June 2019 at Triennale di Milano as "Your Love Energy" Branded Installation inspired by LIMB0 and designer by Amigdala

LIMB.02 - 18 May 2019 at TEDx Bolzano

LIMB.0 - 21st + 22nd Feb. 2019 at Frame Awards + Frame Lab
Kromhouthal - Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231 - 1021 KP Amsterdam - The Netherlands

LIMB0 In The News

Red Milk Magazine about Sonar 2019

TGR about TEDx Bolzano

Concept & Execution by
Sound Design: Emilio Pozzolini
Computer vision partner: MorphCast
Light design Partner for LIMB.04:

Created at AMIGDALA

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