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Luna Nera Interactive Installation


Amidst online harassment, Amigdala and Publicis collaborated on an interactive installation for the launch of "Luna Nera." Shedding light on the ongoing witch-hunt faced by women, the installation used a powerful visual metaphor to inspire viewers to take a stand against this pervasive issue.

The Interactive Installation

Located in Milan's Piazza XXV Aprile, the installation resembled a contemporary bonfire. It provided adult visitors with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves metaphorically in the flames of hatred. Inside the installation, the entire space was engulfed in real online hate messages directed at women. Using a specially designed interface, visitors could select one of the projected insults and delete it. The collaboration with Parole O_stili, a social project dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of verbal violence, ensured that the deleted insult would be reported online, with the ultimate goal of eradicating it permanently.

The haunting display of hate speech projected within the installation served as a reminder of the persistent existence of misogyny and the need to combat it. The words and phrases of hate were generated using artificial intelligence software that scoured the web and extracted over 7,000 insults targeting women from various social media platforms. By confronting the audience with these messages, the project aimed to provoke introspection and inspire individuals to actively reject and challenge such harmful behavior.


The "Luna Nera" installation generated significant attention, engaging viewers in meaningful conversations surrounding the issues of misogyny, online harassment, and the power of collective action. By combining art, technology, and social awareness, the project aimed to raise consciousness about the importance of fostering an inclusive and respectful online environment. Through this collaboration, Amigdala and Publicis reinforced their commitment to promoting social change and using creativity as a catalyst for positive transformation.

Amigdala's partners curated all the aspects, from design, to development of the interior part of the installation and the interactive system.

Partners involved


Partners involved