Toyota C-HR Urban Flow
L’agenzia romana Superegg ci ha scelto per la presentazione del nuovo crossover compatto C-HR di Toyota. Allo spazio T’a di via Tortona 37 è stata realizzata per l’evento Urban Flow un’installazione che ha reso il pubblico protagonista di una experience artistica interattiva.


The Roman agency Superegg has chosen our experience in the world of interactive installations for the presentation of Toyota's new C-HR compact crossover at the Milan Design Week


At the T'a space in Via Tortona 37 an installation was created for the Urban Flow event that made the public the protagonist of an interactive artistic experience. Thanks to gesture-based technology, the public gave life to its own artwork generative art starring the new Toyota SUV. At the simple movement of the hand the scene with the car prototype is colored with particle visuals generated in real time while a reactive sound design is diffused in the environment. Guests shared their creations on social media and a dedicated gallery was created; a real collection of all the works.



We did
Installation Concept, Creative Direction, Experience Design, Creative Coding

Created at Souldesigner™

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