Stranger Binge
On the occasion of the debut of the second season of Stranger Things, Netflix Italia organized a special event for all the fans of the acclaimed TV series: a nine-episode ride to watch the adventures of Hawkins's boys.


The launch event of the second season of Stranger Things was held in Milan at the East End Studios, transformed for the occasion in the town of Hawkins. The scenic structure provided an arena for four competing teams in this visual marathon.


Our studio has accepted the challenge of realizing the technological setup of the event that brought the participants into the world of Stranger Things through a marathon on the iconic bicycles used in the series. We have created an interactive system that combined pedaling with the vision of the series, bringing back the speed and km traveled, putting the results of the four teams in competition and decreeing, at the end of the day, the winner of the Binge.



We did
Experience Design, Event Direction

Created at Souldesigner™

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