SKY Italia

Sky Q Press Launch Event


The presentation of Sky Q to the press, the biggest revolution in the use of television content in recent years for pay per view, an event to be carried out within the Sky Italia headquarters in Milan


We have completely taken care of the launch presentation of the new Sky Q technology platform with the creative direction of Samuele Franzini. In line with the features of the new Sky set-top box that transforms the home into a perfectly integrated viewing environment on TV and devices, we designed and created an event divided into three moments. An interactive experiential corridor 60 meters long made it possible to tell Sky's story to incoming guests, culminating in a television studio transformed into a presentation set. Here, thanks to the use of mapping, an immersive environment was created with 3D scenarios that interacted with the topics of the press conference. Domestic environments, exteriors, particle streams of pixels have accompanied the story of Sky Italia CEO Andrea Zappia, in perfect synchronization. Finally, upstairs have been recreated realistic home environments to experience the potential of the product. The various rooms reproduced have been treated in detail through carefully selected interior design elements.

Sky Italia


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