Sky Arte Festival 2017
The game as an element of cultural regeneration for our video mapping in Rione Sanità, Naples.


Within the first edition of the Sky Arte Festival in Naples in 2017, we were asked to decline the theme of urban regeneration within the Rione Sanità of Naples.


We have identified the game as cultural regeneration. From Neapolitan cards to 80s videogames thanks to a perfect mix of ancient iconographies and contemporary languages. Taking advantage of the façade of the Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità we told the popular neighborhood symbol of the social, creative and cultural redemption of Naples. The show of screenings was among the most appreciated events during the Festival. The challenge was to be able to tell in a non-trivial way, with a contemporary and absolutely engaging language, some iconic elements of the culture and tradition of the city that hosted the event of Sky Arte. The perfect synergy between technology and creativity, and the strength of the message we have been able to communicate have been the key to the success of an initiative that we are proud to have been able to design and build in an extraordinary city like Naples.

SKY Arte

We did
Concept, Creative Direction, Video Production, Motion Graphic

Created at Souldesigner™

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