Moleskine Design Week 2018


For the launch of the Moleskin Ellipse Smart Pen, we interpreted the Consciously Creative claim through an interactive installation during the Fuorisalone 2018, at MUDEC, in Milan.


Inside the Museum of Culture, we designed a poetic story that brings visitors into cerebral hemispheres, that are the emotional and rational one, both engaged on the creative processes.

The emotional area was the first space of the exhibition and it was designed to recreate an immersive environment, where ideas and concepts could live on the wall. The space was dark, with dynamic drawings along the wall that could be reacted by people’s motion.

On the opposite, the rational area was a luminous and aseptic space where users could try the Moleskine's Smart Writing System. They could testify their passage by sending their drawings back to the previous room, creating a stratigraphy of ideas.


Gruppo Peroni Eventi

We did
Concept, Creative Direction, Design Experience, Video Production, Development by Samuele Franzini

Created at Souldesigner™

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