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NC Digital Awards 2017

🥈 Altre soluzioni digitali 

ADCI awards 2017

🥈 Promo & Activation

🥈 Design

NC Awards 2018

🥇 Packaging & Design

🥇 Comunicazione sul punto vendita


Danone wants to reaffirm its leadership in the light yogurt market and in particular in the casting segment. It was requested to carry out an activity that made the lightness, the main value of the Danone brand, tangible through the creative use of the store as a media.


In the yogurt aisle, some jars soar more than all the others, literally. Thanks to a special display with buffers, Vitasnella Greek jars float in the air, literally standing above competitors and attracting the attention of customers. From the collaboration between Danone, Young & Rubicam, Kinetic and Souldesigner Grab The Lightness was born of Vitasnella, an activation of shopper marketing aimed at engaging the consumer at the point of sale with an unconventional approach.


Young&Rubicam Italia 

Chief Creative Officer
Vicky Gitto 

Creative Director
Jacopo Attardo, Marco Panareo, Paolo Pollo 

Art Director
Paolo Austero, Giovanna Mochetti 

Maria Vittoria Apicella 

Managing Director
Veronica Pagani 

Lupo Attardo 

Production House
Neon Production 

3D Artist
Ludovica Caciolli 

Kinetic Head of Innovation
Laura Cruciani 

Creative Technology Partner

Created at Souldesigner™

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