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For the italian launch of the  fourth season of Black Mirror, the cult series that talks about new technologies and its impact to the people, Netflix Italia thought

a really social and human experiment. In fact it opened the Black Mirror Social Club at BASE, in Milan. In that kind of future club you could order #instafood on the #foodporn menu: the atmosphere was #fashion and the guests were real #Igers”.  Everyone would like to enjoy the club but the experience was reserved just for a few at the end: the entrance was allowed to who could shared more than thousand followers on Instagram.

During the event, the digital interaction became the really currency of exchange, so we achieved a complex architecture to happen the social game by coordinating the entry process of the club.

In addition, we produced a particular system that allowed us to combine specific contents for each users, projected onto the plate.. Finally we created a classification of “hall of fame/shame”: a social wall that analyzed all the instagram feeds, based on specific hashtag,  has determined in real time the permanence or not of the guests in the room.


L'interazione digitale, divenuta la concreta moneta di scambio per la durata dell’evento ha posto una nuova sfida progettuale: Abbiamo realizzato la complessa architettura che ha reso possibile il social game, coordinando le procedure di accesso al club. Abbiamo realizzato un sistema che ha permesso di abbinare dei contenuti specifici ad ogni utente proiettati sul proprio piatto oltre a gestire una particolare classifica ‘hall of fame/shame’ , un social wall, che analizzando i feed di Instagram sulla base di un determinato hashtag, ha determinato in tempo reale la permanenza o meno degli ospiti nel locale.

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