Samuele Franzini

Creative direction, strategy, experience design

Lugano (CH) / New York (USA)

Creative Direction, Creative Technology, Experience Design, Interaction Design, Photography, Film making

I've spent the last 15 years combining creativity, design, and technology to create innovative experiences to engage and inform people in innovative ways. I truly believe that experiences are the most effective tool for creating deep memories and emphatic moments between brands and people.

At Amigdala we design and produce customized experiences for brands and institutions in physical, digital end virtual environments. We also offer very specialized consultancy on physical, digital, virtual, and hybrid events, best practices, and technologies to adopt.

During those years I have had the great fortune of being able to collaborate with brave clients like Netflix, BMW, Vespa, Samsung, Sky Arte, Moleskine, Lucas Film, Nike, 3M together with amazing talented creatives at projects that have won several awards at Cannes Lions, Webby Awards, The One Club, FWA, Epica, Promax, ADCI, and BEA.

"Samuele is a good partner: when working on clients' briefs or owned events (such as IF! Italians Festival), he's always trying to go beyond what is "well done," willing to do what is "excellent," "never done before," "the next stage." He's a kind of a tech-creative nerd, with the reliability of a project manager. Finally, Sam is able to propose a simple solution to complex problems, which is one of the rarest talents amongst creatives and technologists."
Emanuele Nenna (Co-Founder & CEO The Big Now - UNA President)

"I always thought that an important figure like the Creative Technologist was missing in Italy. Then I met Samuele a few years ago. And I understood what it means to keep together creative skills, technology, a sense of production, and control of the entire supply chain of the project. A pleasure to work with him."
Paolo Iabichino (Group Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy Italia)

"Samuele is a very talented and experienced professionals. I’ve always admired his professional knowledge and his eagerness to challenge the status quo of the industry. Being someone who had the chance to work with him many times, I strongly recommend Samuele as a partner and a consultant."
Giuseppe Stigliano (Chief Executive Officer at Wunderman Thompson Italy)

"Samuele is, first of all, a reliable partner to have on board in an ambitious project. He is a smart, innovative professional, creative problem solver in any situation. In the years, we had the opportunity to work together a lot of time, and he always met the expectations. Highly recommended partner."
Francesca Fedrizzi (Operations Director at We Are Social)

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