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Marco (Mercuzio) Peron

Content Curator

Zurich (CH)

Mercuzio is a curator of human networks and sound.
A creative director that builds events in order to make people join a moment in order to act, react and connect.
An analytical interdisciplinary curator, a composer focused on the sustainability of sound.
A music hobo that melts languages, cultures and notenoughness.

M. seems to establish a very deep connection with the creators of the content on which he is called to work, a very human but no less professional approach which is in my opinion his best quality, witnessed by the respect that I have often seen paid by the artists involved in different projects.
_Dino Lupelli (Elita Company S.r.l. founder)

M. is able to maintain an overall view during all the different stages of progress, managing communication and economic aspects along a common line. The natural tendency for dialogue and constructive confrontation often stimulate the creation of a common ground, which welcomes opinions and experiences from different backgrounds and for that, able to enrich both the content and the participants themselves.
_Nicola Ciancio (Non Riservato founder and creative director)

In M. I see versatility in both fields of visual arts and music, passion for arts and human relations and professional skills in project management.
_Patrizia Brusarosco (Viafarini founder and director)

A particular artistic sensibility and listening attitude that help him manage even the most complicated cultural projects.
_Simona da Pozzo (artist)

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