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Amigdala was born flexible and agile, which is why being independent is at the center of its functional model among partners.

We are a team based on trust and respect, which shares the desire to create a wide variety of projects capable of evoking strong emotions on a large group of people. We are brave creative, wise designers and one unique team with our customers

Our team is natively nomadic, granular, with collaborators all over the world.
We don't need to share an office to work together: we have to move.

Every time we move for a project we do it in different groups, with different shapes; bringing our expertise where the project calls us

Each of the Amigdala partners is completely independent, has its own customers, its own accounting, financial and team flow. Each partner is free to propose collaborations to other partners

All partners come together and work together as a single team to design and propose innovative projects with a strong cultural impact on society to very brave customers who really want to act first

New partners are proposed by actual partners. If you strongly believe you must be part of our team and you are not in contact with one of our partners, feel free to write us via web form, send us some links with a presentation letter and we'll manage a chat

We are continuously looking for interdisciplinary talents and artists worldwide, if you would like to collaborate as freelancer just send us a link to your works